Restoring People's Faith In Financing

Cassidy Capital provides highly specialized, expert equipment financing services for manufacturers, vendors, distributors, and End-Users from start-ups to large Fortune 500 organizations. We have the expertise to help guide you through every type of situation from traditional structures, to complicated multi-faceted collaborative programs. Cassidy Capital will work tirelessly to ensure you are provided a solution that not only best meets your goals or this transaction but also help to bolster your organization's next move as well. 

Meet The Owners

Joe Cassidy


  Joseph specializes in leading edge banking solutions to augment market advantage.

  Having grown up in a farming community, Joseph Cassidy learned from an early age the direct correlation between hard work and fruitful yield. No work, no harvest. Plain and simple. This simple background also provided him with a strong sense of community and the ability to communicate simply and effectively in order to get things done.

  From these humble roots, he branched out, applying his habits of hard work and interpersonal communication to the world of sales and financing. His strong work ethic pushed him to exceed sales goals and customer expectations. His down-home air afforded him an honest, upfront selling style, which he still uses to aid his clients in achieving strategic financial solutions that enhanced their everyday lives.

Nicole Cassidy


  Nicole Cassidy is a devoted mother with two amazing children which have been her primary focus for the last few years. Now with the children in school and left with time on her hands, she has dedicated herself to the operational synergy of Cassidy Capital. Nicole, aside from wearing the myriad of hats that go with being a COO also volunteers weekly in the classroom, PTA, is a co-leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and a team mom for multiple sports. What seems at first an impossible schedule has in fact truly allowed Nicole to hone her time management skillset to surgical precision.


  Working with her husband has been a blessing as it has created a bespoke partnership with phenomenal lines of communication and an intrinsic understanding of the mission of Cassidy Capital as more than just another financing option. Very family oriented, Nicole, her husband Joe, two children Maleia and Jude, and cairn terrier Halo, love creating new memories through camping, hiking, and sports. Nicole is excited to again have the opportunity to use her creative side and build something along the way.


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