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Announcement Letter

We have an exciting announcement!

After thousands of cups of coffee, working second shifts after kids are asleep, and a white board we've officially worn out with ideas, we are proud to introduce you to Cassidy Capital. Born out of a need to restore people's faith in finance and provide organizations with a financing partner that will actually work with them to achieve their financing goals, not just the banks.

Cassidy Capital is an equipment financing resource that specializes in providing our clients with the education, simplicity, and protection that is needed in a very big way. No more confusing terms, rapid fire numbers, bait and switch, or any other complications. Cassidy Capital provides you with upfront pricing, simple wording and we educate you on leasing so that you can turn what has traditionally been a headache into an empowering tool you can use to take your business to the next level.

Using our extensive network of traditional banks, alternative sources, private investor pools, and occasionally a long-distance favor, we have created a secret sauce that we can use to help everyone with their financing needs. From manufactures and distributors to start – ups and Fortune 500, there isn't a company we can't help. Whether your deal is a traditional structure to more multi-faceted and collaborative projects, let us help guide you to your goals!

We are truly pleased to be at your service and we are excited to show you what financing can really be.


Cassidy Capital